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    Ants exist in a community type environment, much like the termite. They have different castes such as kings, queens and immature stages as well. The most common ant that is most seen by humans is the worker ant, and sometimes the soldier.


Of the thousands of different species of ants in Australia, only a few are considered pests in and around buildings. Individual size seems to be relevant to the ants pest status.

The larger ants are of minor consideration to most households as these types of ants do not usually enter inside buildings. The smaller black or brown ants (approximately 0.5cm long) are considered more of a pest because they develop large colonies and regularly enter building in a search for a food source. More than a nuisance, ants can do actual damage to a home.

They can undermine pavers, they can damage and short electrical components (sometimes causing fires), they can transport viral, fungal and bacterial plant diseases while removing secretions from aphids, bugs and scale insects. Ants have comparatively powerful jaws and they do bite. The pain of the bite comes from the hypodermic sting or from venom sprayed from the tip of the abdomen over the area bitten. Large painful welts are almost instantaneous and allergic reaction have caused deaths.


There are several species of ants in Australia that are a nuisance to humans

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