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  • Coackroaches


    Cockroaches are one of the worlds most successful survivors and scavengers, they eat almost anything. Some of the approximate 3,000 species of cockroach are pests and are carriers of disease affecting humans.

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  • Ants


    Ants exist in a community type environment, much like the termite. They have different castes such as kings, queens and immature stages as well. The most common ant that is most seen by humans is the worker ant, and sometimes the soldier.

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  • Fleas


    Fleas are parasites of warm blooded animals, particularly dogs and cats. With the help of rodents, fleas were responsible for the deaths of 25,000,000 Europeans from Bubonic Plagues.

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  • Spiders


    Apart from several types of indigenous Australian spiders whose bites are often dangerous and occasionally life-threatening, most are relatively harmless. However, any spider bite should receive medical attention as soon as possible as blood poisoning or an infection may result.

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  • Termites


    They're not really white and they're not really ants but these insects are often referred to as "white-ants". Termites play an important role in nature, unfortunately man-made structures are not easily distinguishable to them and often bare the brunt of costly damage. It is estimated termites will attack 1 in 3 homes during their economic life, cause more damage then all natural disasters combined, and most insurance policies don't cover the damage bill.

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  • Rodents


    Rats and mice are common pests; they successfully co-habit with humans, eating whatever food they can find and sharing the shelter of our buildings..

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