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  • Domestic Services

    Domestic Services

    The health and well-being of your family is important and that's why our customers consider keeping their home free from pests and disease a top priority. Safeway Pest Control assess client problems on an individual basis and develop a customised pest management plan to ensure we provide safer solutions for you and your family.

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  • Commercial Services

    Commercial Services

    Commercial premises are a sensitive area, so having an experienced company performing your services is essential. Safeway Pest Control service a number of local hotels and resorts, as well as local restaraunts on a regular basis. These companies demand high standards, shouldn't your business? Pest control Cairns...

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  • Pest Inspections

    Pest Inspections

    The only way to detect the presence of timber destroying pests (ie. termites) before extensive damage has been done is to have a Timber Pest Inspection in accordance with Australian Standards performed by our licensed and accredited consultants. Our team use the latest microwave technology to detect the presence of termites in a property. This ensures our clients receive a more thorough inspection everytime.

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  • Building Inspections

    Building Inspections

    When purchasing a property having an independent building inspection could be a greater investment than the house itself. Our consultants can advise a potential home buyer of the soundness of a property by highlighting flaws that can occur in most houses. Attention to detail is our claim-to-fame when it comes to this type of work.....and it shows.

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